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“I really appreciate that my Coach centers me, gives me space to explore my thoughts, and then reigns me back in to focus. Then asks me what the action steps are to get to my desired outcome. I feel we unpack a lot in 30 minutes and I always feel I have clarity after I get off calls. Looking forward to our next session!”
Alicia F.
“Wow, I am speechless at how amazing of a session that was. So helpful, and gave me many tools to move forward. I didn’t know that was possible to do in 30 minutes, but my Coach guided us through such an efficient journey. Thank you!”
Kathy J.
“It was immensely helpful to talk to my Coach about strategies for nurturing a sense of calm and control. And then practicing that mindfulness exercise during our session effectively bridged the didactic component to the experiential. I’m so grateful that my Coach meets me where I am in such a lovely, focused, and accepting way.”
Daniel A.
"I am actually starting to feel my progress! Some of the challenges and concerns I had just 90 days ago are starting to diminish. I am starting to have a general awareness of the areas I have made improvements, like the crippling fear of presenting in meetings. I am also starting to rephrase the negative messages and give room for self-compassion. Small steps feel GIANT right now!"
Laura P.
"When I first started, I was just trying to understand what it was that I was looking for. I have a better perspective on it now. The impetus was I have a lot of thoughts in my head, it would be great if someone could help me figure out what I’m looking for."
Slaton W.
"I’ve really enjoyed the personal connection. We haven’t just stuck to how it can improve my work life. We're also figuring out how it can improve my overall well being. My coach, Diantha, is a sounding board, whether I have to complain about my husband and why things are affecting me that way OR maybe its my kids or my jobs. I can bounce around and hit all areas of my life."
Terri R.

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